This page details much of the essential knoweldge of being the Treasurer of Phi Sigma Kappa.  While most of the knowledge is here, much of the more private information (in particular, logins) are still on the Google Doc shared by the past and current Treasurers, as well as JTreas



  1. Teach the Junior Treasurer how to do his job well
  2. Do not let seniors graduate with debt to the house.  Use a graduation hold.
  3. Reconcile Quickbooks and bank statements monthly
  4. Hold the registration of brothers with more than $500 in debt
  5. Invoice and collect housebill
  6. Pay the bills
  7. Prepare a Treasurer's report for biannual alumni meeting
  8. Make sure all the brothers in the house have signed housing contracts

Fall TreasurerEdit

  • Collect RA Stipend (now mailed to Alumni Corp Treasurer in January -- RML, 4/2013)
  • Create the budget
    • Announce/call for budget committee volunteers (First House Meeting of Fall Term)
    • Set budget committee (Second House meeting of Fall Term)
    • Draft budget and present (Third House meeting of Fall Term)
    • Revise and finalize budget (Fourth House meeting of Fall Term)
  • Prepare report for November alumni meeting
  • Prepare and submit IRDF Grant (aka EOG)
    • Deadline is December 31

Spring TreasurerEdit

  • Invoice initiates for initiation fees
  • Graduation Holds for Seniors that have an outstanding balance to the house
    • Deadline is May 1

Junior TreasurerEdit

  • Process reimbursements
  • Expand this Wiki

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