Welcome to the Phi Sigma Kappa MIT WikiEdit


Knowledge, tips & wisdom on how to get stuff done at 487 Comm Ave.

There are pages detailing what each officer needs to know, how to perform certain tasks and where to start if you want to make improvements to the functioning of the house.

If you are or have been an officer, you should edit and update the relevant page to reflect the current reality. Those who haven't been officers can contribute their expertise too.

Officer PagesEdit

Table OfficersEdit

  • President
  • Vice President
    • Fall 2014
  • Commissar
  • Inductor

Major OfficersEdit

  • Rush Chair
  • Social Chair
  • IT Chair
  • WWW Chair
  • Summer Housing Coordinator/Manager

Minor OfficersEdit

  • Purchasing Manager
  • IM Chair
  • Scholarship Chair

General InformationEdit

Latest activityEdit

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