- Bєαglєs.


Being a brother of Phi Sig is a commitment that requires time and effort. Sometimes, your commitment to Phi Sig needs to be prioritised over your classes, friends, family or job. Recognise these facts.


Friendship, maturation, social life, good food, network, history, cheaper...


In order of importance:

  1. Rush great new members
  2. Welcome and educate new members so that they become great brothers
  3. Attend house meeting
  4. Do your allotment of the work (~3.5hrs/week in total)
    • MNCs (20mins/week)
    • Comm jobs (90mins/week)
    • Party jobs (80mins/week)
    • Saturday Works (120mins/4weeks = 30mins/week)
  5. ​Improve the house
    • Work with other brothers to improve things however you see fit
    • Participate in ​Fall Work Week
    • Participate in Winter Work Week
  6. ​Serve as an officer
    • ​this house would have burnt down long ago without a gallant and noble officer class to curb the idiocy