The Fall President is a position of huge responsibility. He must jolt the house back into action when the brothers regroup after the summer, work cooperatively and supportively with the Rush Chairs to lead the house through the extremely challenging period of Rush, and facilitate the Inductor's work to educate the new associate members; all while keeping house morale high, ensuring that people do their jobs and encouraging brothers to reflect on what it means to be in Phi Sig.

Besides all this, there is a checklist of action items that the Fall President should begin to get done as soon as he enters office.

National FormsEdit

These are all available on the national website and most should be done immediately. Can use Secretary to get these done.

  • All of these forms are available on the Officer Portal ( Make sure that all officers have an account. You and the Secretary should check regularly.</li></li></li></li>
  • Installation of Chapter Officers</li></li>
  • Fill out immediately upon entering office</li> </li></li></li></li> </li>
  • Third Degree reporting form</li></li></li>
  • Do immediately or get past president to do this.</li> </li></li></li></li>
  • Opening of School Report</li></li></li>
  • Due at start of Semester</li> </li></li></li></li>
  • Opening of Semester Report</li></li></li>
  • Due generally by the end of September</li> </li></li></li></li>
  • Agreement Regarding Responsibilities</li></li></li>
  • Due early October – need all members to sign</li></li></li></li>
  • (if using paper form, fill out as much information as possible, scan it, and then print copies for all members)</li> </li></li></li></li>
  • Associate Agreement Form and cover sheet</li></li></li>
  • Due after bids Close – get inductor to do</li> </li></li>


    National Convention



    Plan this early (at the start of the summer). We go to Camp Cody , in Freedom NH. We try to get the Pahaska building since it can house all of us and has a large common area for group activities. If you can’t get Pahaska you will be put into cabins, so try to make sure that Long Lodge will be available as a meeting area on Friday and Saturday night. Sometimes the Facility caretaker stays in Long Lodge so that makes it difficult to party there, ask in advance if he will be living there. If you can't get these, still go to Camp Cody because they are chill with us doing whatever. Just be respectful and quiet.

    Parents Weekend

    Typically occurs in mid-October. Check the MIT Academic Calendar .

    This is incredibly important for retaining associate members and should not be taken lightly. If you put in a good effort, you will impress the parents, but if not then they will react negatively (there is no middle ground). 

    1. Make sure the VP gets the house clean. Have the Commissar assign people to make dessert and coffee.
      • ​minimise visible alcohol in rooms
    2. ​Officers should dress in formal attire and actively greet parents on 2nd landing. Brothers should be encouraged to show up and be social as well.

    ​Alumni FormalEdit

    Occurs in last week of October or first week of November.

    1. You need to nominate and vote by secret ballot for the Outstanding Brother Award. Send the (Omicron) Alumni Association the results and it will be presented at alumni meeting. It is intended for the brother who best exemplifies the Cardinal Principle. A $500 check typically goes to the winner.
    2. You also need to get the brothers' GPA for the alumni scholarships
      • Senior with the highest cumulative GPA (Simkins Award)
      • Senior with the most improved cumulative GPA from Fall sophomore year to Spring junior year
      • Anyone who attained a 5.0 GPA for the previous Spring
    3. Alumni Board meeting is held on the morning of the Saturday of Alumni formal. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Rush Chair should be there for at least few minutes to give their reports. Any brother who wants to attend may do so.
    4. Alumni General meeting is held subsequent to the Alumni Board meeting, usually starting in the early afternoon. President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Rush Chair must be there for at least few minutes to give their reports. The Treasurer's report needs to be printed (50 copies is usually enough). Any brother who wants to attend may do so.
      • Attire is formal
      • Seniors are considered voting members of the Alumni Association and should attend the Alumni General meeting
    5. Invite/encourage the pledges to join Alumni for lunch at noon or 1pm, and to join the meeting at 3pm. Dress is casual for lunch (jeans are fine).
    6. DINNER – Collect RSVPs for this using the alumni website (the functionality was implanted by Brett van Zuiden ’12) – it’ll increase attendance and make sure we don’t have only 4 alumni show up like in Fall 2009. In previous years there were some 20+ alumni + dates that came.
      • A formal (Suit and Tie) dinner needs to be prepared and served. Soup and/or salad, bread or rolls on the table, wine, entrée, dessert and coffee. Tables should be set up in 2nd lounge following the meeting (move the sofas to the dining room or first landing). The dining room can be used as a staging area for the servers. Rent tables, table cloths, and place settings if necessary from Taylor rental of Somerville. Prepare for about 40-50
      • Rental I got- which was just enough was 40 large plates, 40 small salad plates, 4 table cloths, 40 napkins, 60 glasses (wine goblets), used house silverware, 4 of the longest (I think 8 feet) banquet tables. This just fits in chapter room
      • Money will be collected at the meeting to defray the cost of the dinner, we usually collect around $700
      • Someone who is 21 should also buy a selection of beers, wine, etc. Alumni will reimburse you. You need a 21 year old bartender too.
    7. ​Tips for a very successful Alumni Formal
      • I added a Wine Tasting Reception between the Meeting and Dinner. We used Jo-Ann Ross ( through the Wine Gallery across the street in Kenmore Square. It cost $1050 for 30 people, which includes 6 types of wine plus a light snack of cheese and crackers.  Make sure you leverage that undergraduates and alumni frequent the Wine Gallery to get a better rate. The signed contract is in the folder.
      • Advertise the event as “Wine Tasting Reception from the Wine Gallery Kenmore,” so people know this isn’t BS.
      • Invite notable alumni (Paul Gray, John Sununu, etc.). This is a great excuse to get in touch with them and they love to see pictures of the house and hear about the ever-growing throng.
      • Invite special guests from the MIT faculty and administration. For example: Bob Ferrara (Senior Director for Strategic Planning, Communications and Alumni Relations), Marlena Martinez Love (Associate FSILG Dean), Cat Sohor (FSILG Assistant Director for Fraternities), and Katie Casey Maloney (Associate Director, Student/Alumni Relations).



    1. We use Fraternal Composite Service. There contact information is available through the FCI. The email address is and the sales rep I worked with was named Bill White.
    2. Remember to get the 10% discount at the end off of the total for being a member of the FCI Coop, the salesman will sometimes forget to add that in.
    3. If you sign a two-year contract you can save money, but are locked into two years.
    4. Another company to look into is Vantine Composite service. I decided not to go with them (and other companies) because they cost more and would have a different composite style than we have had done by Fraternal Composite Service. However, if in the future they are priced significantly lower than Fraternal Composite Service they may be worth looking into. No other major company even came close to these two when I did my research.


    1. Technique Photo
      • They will email you and you will need to set a date. We have done this every year as far as I remember. Cost is around $200.
    2. Accreditation Review – Happens every two years
      • This is going to require you to consolidate accurate records of the chapter membership and explain the chapter policies and procedures. Work with the alumni to get this done.
      • A lot of the information you need about past semesters is available through the IFC office. Send them an email to get what you need.
      • All the information from my term is compiled in the Accreditation review file.
    3. Stationary guy – He normally contacts Treasurer but I handled it last time and you might get it again.
      • Go look at the stationary in Olympus/Trap and see what we have!
      • We really only need
        1. Bid Cards
        2. Some stationary for printing Big bro letters and initiation letters
      • You probably don’t need to buy anything.
      • EVERYTHING IS very expensive, each box is around $150-250 so it’s very easy to rack up $1000 dollars without realizing it. Tell treasurer about this at the beginning of the term so he doesn’t buy a ton of stationary without realizing it.
    4. Stud Mugs:
      • Good style options and pricing for 0-12. If ordering over 12, call Greek101.